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Soft Lining Trimmer
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: 63700
Price: $299.95
Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds
The Almore Soft Lining Trimmer is the fast, convenient way to customize night guards, trim polymers, resins and tissue conditioners. The Soft Lining Trimmer is the perfect tool to use when reconditioning partial and full dentures. The Trimmer cleanly cuts away and removes the flash of freshly placed tissue conditioners. It smoothes and rounds the borders and allows one to remove portions of the soft lining as needed to refine the treatment dentures. Adjusting soft lining materials can be done quickly and conveniently at chairside. The tip can also be customized for your specific needs. The Almore Soft Lining Trimmer is also the perfect tool for trimming soft plastic dental materials such as tooth bleaching trays, athletic mouth guards, soft night guards. Features include adjustable temperature setting, replaceable tip and cord assembly, probe holder and 4-ft. cord. The unit is available in either 110V or 220V.